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OnDemand Broadcasting

eFaith Technology Framework

The eFaith Technology Platform powers our industry-leading JaCa© Solutions to give our customers unparalleled flexibility to control design, user interface, integration and delivery capabilities. With the power of the eFaith Technology Platform, you can combine Real-time information management with branded data base driven solutions and data with real-time filtering - fully integrated into your products and services and fully developed to your unique specifications.

Our technology is flexible. Depending on your requirements, we can host your entire site and/or application - or only part of it -through our hosted, API or streaming delivery capabilities. We pride ourselves on helping our clients cross the boundaries of disparate systems while remaining completely secure and controlled as our clients integrate our technology, data-bases and services into their environments. With the eFaith Technology Platform providing the power behind your service, you can deliver what appears to be a complete in-house solution with all the benefits and control that building in-house brings - at a much lower cost with faster time to market than building and maintaining an online service in-house.